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'Open Access' Movement Wins Another Battle

Shortly after publishing giant Elsevier withdrew its support of the Research Works Act (RWA), its Congressional sponsors pronounced the bill dead. The proposed legislation would have done away with federal policies, like the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) public access policy, that requires recipient's of federal research grants to post their peer-reviewed findings online in open access forums. Read More »

NexJ Wins CRM Watchlist 2012 Award

NexJ, one of the founding members of Open Health Tools (OHT) and an active proponent of open collaboration in the healthcare industry, has just received the prestigious CRM Watchlist 2012 Award. The award is given to CRM companies that have "Awesome possibilities." Paul Greenberg, widely recognized as one of the world's leading experts in CRM, wrote a detailed article in ZDNet describing the reasons behind the nomination. He has kindly given Open Health News permission to reprint the article in its entirety (see below).

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eCollaboration Forum Takes Center Stage at HIMSS Conference in Vegas

Collaboration and open source solutions are taking center stage at this year's HIMSS conference in Las Vegas. An all day eCollaboration Forum that will take place on Thursday, February 23, has captured the attention of the attendees and promises to be one of the best attended events of the conference. The Forum will explore the creation of collaborative platforms as the foundation for a change from the current fragmented healthcare system to one based on Accountable Care Organizations (ACO's). This is a very successful concept borrowed from open source where communities work around an open source platform.

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VistA Community Makes Major Strides Towards Code Unification

The VistA community took major steps towards a unified VistA core during the 24th VistA Community Meeting in Sacramento, California this past weekend. The first speaker at the conference, Dr. Seong Ki Mun made a call for the VistA community to unify around one core version of VistA. The leading commercial VistA solution providers, Medsphere and DSS, Inc., quickly stepped up to the plate supporting the idea. The Indian Health Service (IHS) also supported this core version of VistA and announced that they were negotiating an agreement with OSEHRA so that IHS can participate as a full member of the community. 

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Oroville Hospital Contributes $150K to WorldVistA

In a dramatic special ceremony at the 24th VistA Community Meeting in Sacramento today, Oroville Hospital CEO, Robert Wentz, handed a $150,000 check to Nancy Anthracite, President and Chief Medical Officer of the non-profit WorldVistA organization. The contribution, according to Wentz, was a way for Oroville Hospital to thank the large number of VistA volunteers who helped the hospital with their VistA implementation.

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HRSA Health IT Videos & Webinars

HRSA Health IT Videos & Webinars are now online. The Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) within the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has established a channel on YouTube where you can view a collection of free online videos and webinars about a range of health IT topics, tools, and issues. Check them out and also remember to visit the HRSA Health IT Toolbox web site.

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Schroeder On Open Source Funding Streams

During the holiday season it's natural to consider giving back and reflecting on what we've accomplished. According to the open source community has done an amazing job on both counts. For example, a partial tabulation of some open source projects related to medical image analysis yields a total of over $350 million and over 12 million lines of code, the result of years of hard work. WOW!

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Paradigm Shift: VistA, the Patient Management Console

The answer is to promote VistA for what it really is: A patient management console, not simply a way to write a patient note. The ideal patient management console allows the clinician to determine the individual medical needs of each patient, including preventative care, chronic disease management and acute care. It then provides a single place to meet these needs. The note then practically writes itself through the use of “today objects” that capture the orders and encounter data.

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FrontlineSMS, Now in 70 Countries, Wins Curry Stone Design Award

FrontlineSMS, open source software that allows users to initiate two-way communication with large groups of people via texting on an ordinary mobile phone, continues its exponential growth.  The software has been downloaded more than 20,000 times and it is being used for non-profit projects in about 70 different countries. This past October, FrontlineSMS was one of the winners of the Curry Stone Design Award.

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Sana: Providing Hope for Healthcare through Mobile Technology

Sana was born to bridge the human expertise gap between resource-poor settings like rural India and large centers of medical know-how. Sana – Spanish and Italian for “healthy” and Filipino for “hope” – is a volunteer-run organization in MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)...As a pioneer of mobile health (a.k.a. mHealth), Sana revolutionizes healthcare delivery in remote areas through innovative mobile information services that improve patient access to medical specialists. 

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