Open Health News is the only website focused on open solutions in health information technolgy (health IT). Open Health News has been operating for six years and we have grown into a site with nearly 30,000 unique visitors per month and nearly 300,000 page views.

Open Health News was founded to solve the major challenges face by open source and small innovative companies that have extraordinary open health IT solutions, but do not have the voice or financial resources to promote their solutions and projects. There are currently over 4,000 open source health IT apps and solutions, cloud-based services, and innovative open and modular COTS soutions that are as good, or better than their proprietary, "lock-in" counterparts. 

Unfortunately the proprietary health IT vendors spend billions of dollars a year in public relations, marketing, lobbying and political campaign contributions designed to shape public opinion and laws, as well as overwhelm prospective health IT adopters with the marketing "shock and awe."

Since open health IT solution providers do not have those kinds of resources, we built a web site that leverages content to overcome those financial disadvantages. We have built a central repository of resources, knowledge, and information about open health solutions. We write our own original content, but we also repost content, such as press releeases and article reprints, that provide a wealth information for anyone looking for open solutions in the healthcare industry and for medical and drug research. 

As a result our site has become a "destination site" for those looking for open health IT solutions. Our audience reads 5 to 10 articles per visit on average.

We also have a "Marketplace" where companies, organizations and projects can tell the world about their work, services and products. The combination of the news sections of the website, together with the marketplace and resource sections, allow prospective customers and adopters to find the solutions they need without having to spend weeks searching through the Internet. 

Open Health News works on a combination of advertising revenues and a "freemium" model for the marketplace section. Our sponsors receive not just an advertisement, but an entire array of benefits which include enhanced listings in the Marketplace section. For example, our company section lists all the companies that we have come across that are involved in the open health IT market. The standard listing is 100 words. Sponsors, such as ClinCapture, for example, receive enhanced listsings as can be seen here

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