Major collaborative, open source health IT software development projects focused on creating innovative new systems and technologies.

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1,000 Genomes Project

The 1000 Genomes Project is the first project to sequence the genomes of a large number of people, to provide a comprehensive resource on human genetic variation. Read More »

2-1-1 Service

Every hour of every day, hundreds of people need essential human services - they are looking for training, employment, food pantries, help for an aging parent, addiction prevention programs for their teenage children, affordable housing options, support groups and ways of becoming part of their community. Read More »

Ada Initiative

The Ada Initiative is a non-profit organization supporting women in 'open' technology and culture. They educate people of all genders on how to support women in open technology and culture through teaching workshops, writing policies, guides, and editorials, and speaking. Read More »

Africa Portal

The Africa Portal is an online knowledge resource for policy-related issues on Africa. Read More »


The official web site used by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) to share their information, knowledge, and guidance about Personal Health Record (PHR) systems with the public in order to help them better understand and manage their personal health and well being.


Augmedix simplifies how physicians use EHRs by providing a technology-enabled documentation service for health systems and doctors. We are on a mission to re-humanize the doctor-patient relationship, and address the largest pain-point in the US healthcare system – the burden of documentation. Read More »

Aurion Project

Aurion is an open source health information exchange (HIE) platform that implements the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) standard services and content specifications. Read More »


Bioconductor is an open source, open development software organization and project that provides tools for the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genomic data. It is based primarily on the R programming language. Read More »

BIOFAB Project

BIOFAB, the International Open Facility Advancing Biotechnology initiative, was founded in December 2009 as the world's first biological design-build facility. This professionally staffed public-benefit facility was initiated by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and is led by bioengineers from UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Read More »


BioMedBridges is a joint project involving ten biomedical sciences research infrastructures on the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap. Read More »

BioSense Project

BioSense is a program of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) that tracks health problems as they evolve. This collaborative project aims to provide public health officials with the data, information and tools they need to better prepare for and coordinate responses to safeguard and improve the health of the American people. Read More »

Borboleta Mobile Telehealth Project

Borboleta Mobile Telehealth - An open source development project in Brazil designed to support home care programs in public health, using advanced mobile computing tools.

Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools (BIRT) Project

Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools (BIRT) is an open source Eclipse-based reporting system that integrates with Java/Java EE applications to produce compelling reports. BIRT provides core reporting features such as report layout, data access and scripting. Read More »

Campaign for NHS VistA

The Campaign for NHS VistA is composed of a group of volunteers working to promote the use of the VistA electronic health record (EHR) system by the National Health Service (NHS) in England. They  volunteer their time and expertise to campaign for the NHS to use the VistA system for the benefit of patients. Read More »

Civic Commons

A primary goal of Civic Commons is to make it easy for jurisdictions at all levels to deploy low-cost, reusable software, using open standards, open protocols, and open source code wherever possible. Read More »