Masters In Counseling: Free Social Networking & Information Web Sites

Masters In Counseling.Org is a free informational web site aimed at those who are interested in enrolling in an online degree program to obtain a Master of Counseling degree. It contains a large directory of accredited online schools that offer Master of Counseling programs in addition to providing links to information and resources about the counseling profession.

Counseling programs offers a variety of specializations in such areas as clinical counseling, genetic counseling, drug treatment & recovery, school counseling, trauma & crisis counseling, music & art therapy, pastoral counseling, and more. The field of counseling has a strong community surrounding it. Nurturing personal and professional relationships within the counseling community can have significant benefits for new counselors, as well as those who have been working in the arena for years.

Masters In Counseling now also contains a list of top Google Plus (Google+) social networking sites for counselors. Google+ offers a great venue for getting in touch with counselors from other specialties or areas. It is a good starting place to find key information and start building rewarding relationships with other people in the field.  See

The Google+ list of community sites and resources was prepared by Laura Harris. She researched and compiled a list of free 95 Google+ pages on this social networking site dedicated to the mental health and counseling community. Many of the most informative Google+ pages she found covered general and private practice,  marriage & family, grief,  addiction, as well as many other related counseling sites many within the mental health industry might find useful.

Counselors’ duties vary, depending on their specialty, and the population they help. Counselors may provide therapy for children, adolescents, adults, or families with mental health disorders and addiction, disability and employment needs, school problems, and trauma. They also develop and implement treatment plans and evaluate clients’ physical and / or mental condition. Each specialty has its own unique responsibilities and challenges. See Guide to Counseling Careers

Again, learn more about degree programs, job opportunities, recent advances in the profession, employment opportunities, and more when you visit the free, online MastersInCounseling web site.