Mirth Selected to Help Move Health Information Exchange Forward in Orange County, California

Press Release | Mirth Corporation, OCPHRIO | June 12, 2012

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 12, 2012) - OCPRHIO, the Orange County Partnership Regional Healthcare Information Organization, today announced its selection of Mirth's full suite of information exchange solutions to improve access to healthcare information in Orange County.

Today's action represents a major step forward by OCPRHIO, a community collaborative of healthcare providers, whose mission is to improve healthcare information exchange (HIE) throughout Orange County. Working together, the innovations of Mirth and OCPRHIO will create a virtual patient record that logically and safely enables a healthcare provider to access integrated patient information from multiple non-related sources in a seamless and secure manner throughout Orange County.

"The ability to easily and accurately integrate patient information from different hospitals, physicians, and ancillary care providers using dissimilar technology is a challenge," said Paul Budilo, Executive Director of OCPRHIO. "Mirth's solution offers flexibility and this enables our health care community to securely and seamlessly access and manage this information in a user-friendly environment."

Budilo points out that Mirth's suite of tools is designed to support the interconnectivity of different health care providers' and hospitals' EHRs with high-quality, real-time information. "This in turn leads to a better level of quality care for each patient -- placing hospital, physician, laboratory, pharmaceutical, radiology and other critical information together in one complete and accurate patient health history. This is critical at the point of care," he stated.

The OCPRHIO HIE initiative is called OCUnites. Current project funding is a grant awarded by Cal eConnect, acting for the State of California's implementation of Health Information Exchange. This award empowered OCPRHIO to begin planning and now contract with Mirth to begin the task of health information exchange among all health care entities in Orange County.

"We are particularly honored and delighted to be able to partner with OCPRHIO," said Jon Teichrow, co-founder and president of Mirth Corporation. "OCPHRIO's initiative to improve healthcare information exchange in Orange County is a welcome step leading to reduce both cost and the complexity for healthcare interoperability, while providing the tools to improve and enhance care and reduce duplication of efforts."

Recently, Mirth Corporation was recognized as one of the top vendors in HIE Client Satisfaction according to the market research firm Black Book. The Black Book Healthcare Information 2012 Rankings is one of the nation's top measurements of independent technology and services in the healthcare industry.

"Mirth and their solutions have resulted in seamless integration, setup and configuration in other communities," Mr. Budilo noted. "We needed a county-wide solution that addressed all aspects of health care integration for the real-world and we have found the solution in Mirth Corp."

"OCPRHIO is pleased to have the support of Integrated Health Holdings, Monarch Healthcare, St Joseph's Health Systems and University of California, Irvine (UCI)," reiterated Bill Farry, OCPRHIO's Board Chairperson.

About Mirth Corporation

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Mirth Corporation is an emerging global leader in health information technology. The Mirth team is passionate about transforming the healthcare industry with their commercial and open source software and systems. Used daily by thousands of health professionals and institutions worldwide to streamline care management processes and to securely exchange health information across enterprises, communities and broad geographies. For more information visit http://www.mirthcorp.com.

About Orange County Partnership Regional Health Information Organization (OCPRHIO)

OCPRHIO, headquartered in Irvine, California is a community collaboration of healthcare providers whose mission is dedicated to improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care in Orange County by enhancing the ability of the health care delivery system to capture and share health innovation, improve efficiency, and protect patient privacy. The group is supported by the Public Health Foundation Enterprises, a 501(c) (3) fiscal sponsor. For more information about OCPRHIO, visit http://www.ocprhio.org.